It is easy for us to say how good we are. Here is what other people say about us.

This has been one of the best experiences of my professional life. Bringing things into view, into sharp relief – things I didn’t know or couldn’t see; the astute advice, tools, techniques and reading recommendations – these strategies have really made a huge difference and have really helped me to grow. Flo has helped me to work out who I am, what drives me, what my fears and insecurities are and how I can overcome these. Professor, Russell Group University (2018)
I now know that what makes me different is what makes me special. I have built up my confidence and subsequently a new career because I truly believe that what I have to offer is of value to others. One of the best bits of coaching has been your understanding and support and feeling like someone “gets me” and can provide feedback and insight. I have all the knowledge & tools I need to make a significant impact in the world! Entrepreneur, France/USA (2018)
Thank you Flo for your support and brainstorming. I had no idea what to expect from the sessions but I have found it super useful and fun. They have inspired a different way of collaborating in my department which is very welcome. Professor, Russel Group University (2018)
I found the experience of having individual coaching one of the most transformative developmental activities that I have undertaken. I didn’t know what to expect but was surprised at how powerful it was to listen to myself and acknowledge what was happening in my working world. I feel much stronger and, more in control. Thank you… Director, regional group of Higher Education Colleges (2017)
Flo has a wonderful, warm exploratory manner, allowing you to be honest and transparent in your assessment of your behaviour. She has some wicked tools to make it an engaging, reflective and fun session- and it’s an experience I would recommend to anyone, as a start up, a growing business or in a corporate environment. Mel C., business owner (2017)
The best bit of coaching for me has been doing the Subject-Object Interview. I made important discoveries... I feel much more comfortable with my self and others. I am more confident: I think differently and that’s ok. The result is that I have a better level of satisfaction and motivation and I finish things! JD, Entrepreneur, France (2016)
Thanks for our sessions which I have found both enjoyable and extremely useful. I am sure the reflections you have enabled will stay as a reference point for me in years to come. Thank you for being the 'real deal'! Pathways Manager, Reading College (2015)
I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you for your time, effort, understanding and being so happy and positive each time we met, out of something that totally floored me something so good happened. I am sure there will be many more people in the future that will benefit from your wisdom Manager, local government (2011)