Coaching Explained

Coaching is a collaborative process by which the client is helped through focused conversation with a skilled coach. 'The client' can be an individual, a team or even a group of people who come together for coaching to work on a question or issue they have in common.

There are quite a few definitions of coaching, and they vary according to the purpose and focus of the coaching. At Socius, coaching is characterised by:

  • A client-centered approach: the client determines the agenda and the coach flexes to the client's individual needs in the process
  • Mutual trust in which feedback can be given and received both ways
  • A focus on personal development: the question or issue becomes a source of rich learning for the client
  • Practical and results-oriented conversations
  • Respect for the client's autonomy: the client remains responsible for deciding on and taking actions resulting from the coaching
  • Supportive challenge: without challenge, coaching remains a pleasant conversation!